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The work produced from sept-now has been about expressing personal anger and disgust with you and with myself (but mostly with you). I want to make you feel uncomfortable be put in place because I don’t feel like hiding anymore I want To Take Up Space, perhaps/probably/ultimately your space, and confront you with what you do. I don’t care about being wrong I don’t care about being right. all I want is to be all the space in your head. /// to relieve the pressure on my head.

Like a parasite, I want to infect your thoughts with feelings of guilt, shock, anger, sadness or shame, without rationalizing it, just what I feel, not what you feel, no empathy, not even for myself maybe this is the most emphatic thing that I have done for myself.

Narcissistic work.

Unfiltered thoughts to come to the truth of what I feel.

And to let that work infect all over so it can be the only thing you feel, always finding a way into our eyesight.

A told me to remove my “graffiti” from the windows, because they believed that if the owner of the building would get scared when he sees it, as it is seemingly too “street”. They think it looks like vandalism. To me, this is complete bullshit. First of all, we are located in the Binckhorstlaan, a location filled with street art. Secondly, it is an artwork, not vandalism. I think this is extremely disrespectful towards my work and effort. Thirdly, it would be removed at the end of the exhibition, it was not permanent. 4. Art should scare you sometimes

5. It was never communicated to me it was not allowed. We were told to leave the building in the state that it was in before (there was even graffiti on there when we came in!!)

6. I am placed in the group “animal city, where wild hybrid figures roam”, yet I’m not allowed to be even slightly “wild”? 7. To limit art means to disrespect art. Art is there to go where it wants to go. 8. My work is about taking over space, and being able to express my anger/frustration.

9. Anger is the last act of love. Frustration is healing. A. I hope you can understand my opinion.