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Pons Asinorum - Donkey Bridge

Night is dark
Giant Uma arrives in Egypt Before Moses kills the golden calf

Night is dark
Giant Uma arrives in Egypt Before they destroy all the holy animals

Night is so dark She can only save one
a little one the weakest one
this little, weakest one will carry the child of God to Jerusalem!

In the matriarchal period, Uma was a goddess for Mongolia, who protected babies, pregnant women and animals. She offered protection to all vulnerable beings in difficult life situations.

In this oil painting(270x150cm) and site specific mural, Uma as a foreign goddess has been introduced to the well known biblical narrative - Moses and the Golden Calf. Moses returned to Egypt, burnt the Golden Calf which was worshiped by Hebrews during the period of the Exodus. Moses punished the calf worshippers, forced them to drink water which was mixed with molten gold from the calf.

Uma interrupted this storyline, she arrived in Egypt and tried to protect calf worshippers and all other holy animals. However, she couldn’t help many, she only managed to save one, a little one - the Messiah’s donkey. And this little donkey will carry Jesus to Jerusalem. Therefore, if Uma didn’t save the donkey, Jesus wouldn't reach Jerusalem, and Moses wouldn’t become the future Moses himself.

By displacing a foreign goddess from a matriarchal time into biblical literature, a time travel happens here. Uma enters another territory and disturbs the linear passage of “history”. Her presence synthesises a novel path which reterritorializes the over-celebrated anthropocentric world.

Her protection offered to the other species simply shows: the other as being the other-self. Rescue the other, rescue the other-self.