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MateREAL World
by Alice West

This multimedia presentation which focuses on studying and celebrating the rapid contrasting situations which make up our lives and translating them into visual forms. The show consists of a large selection of paintings, ceramics, sculpture and a mural all combined into one ‘smack in the face’ immersion into my chaotic world. I was raised from a young age being introduced to many different cultures (having been brought up in Dubai, England and New Zealand to travel obsessed parents) so has had a sense of the duality of the world from a young age, couple this with an anxiety disorder diagnosis at the age of 8 and; The world has always seemed large and overwhelming to me, so it seems natural that in my early 20’s I would start to try to structuralise it while simultaneously trying to relinquish my habits of control. MateREAL World looks at the never-ending lows and highs of living in the modern world and the constant contradictions that surround us. One minute you are thinking to yourself, ‘wow this world around us is fascinating, I just pulled 3 flavours of frozen yogurt out of the wall and finished them with 11 different toppings” and the next your heart breaks seeing a woman sitting outside the Zara sale asking for money and crying from the cold. Both brushing your teeth at the end of the day and solving the climate crisis are important to us, in very different ways. The world is so cruel and so beautiful at the same time, it makes barely any sense, but of course it is this way. I like to play with pattern heavily as a visual metaphor for this contrast, The simplicity of the recurring image coupled with the overwhelming effect of the pattern when you zoom out. Playing with this contrast, I attempt to walk the narrow and uncomfortable line between this enjoyment and terror, nothing is black and white so I douse my works in sickly sweet colour.