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Cardboard Corner

It is a cardboard construction in a corner. It’s creating an additional place within an existing space. It’s finding shelters in shelters. It’s scrutinizing what is there and then trying to subvert the structures of the built environment by adding another built environment. It is like the joy of using tables as chairs and windows as doors. It’s like the desire to shout with whispers and talk in silence.

This corner will host us while we host a radio. We will go live from within on the 12th of December. While sitting inside the cardboard corner we will broadcast Mushroom Pie, a one day radio show in collaboration with Mushroom Radio and A Finger in Every Pie. We will take you on a tasty and tactile tour for the ears. There will be interviews, readings, chats, observations and sounds from the participating artists of the show. We will be turning the physical exhibition into one that fits the air.