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‘Transcribing the past - one artifact at a time’

Worlds collide upon creating my work - the influence of the French, American, and Chinese.
Through symbols and cycles in life, my thoughts manifest and materialise over time,
existing as modern-day artifacts - an echo of a past long forgotten,
appropriating DuChamp’s displacement of the museum and
pillaging Le Guin’s unfinished narratives and finally
propagating into my own, Ellen-esque carrier
That weaves the vessel and all of
the archives together
into one.

Archiving a library is like indoor gardening.
Letters are seeds that repeat constitutions through karma.
Words are gathered flowers that propagate memories,
Sheltered in books like a glass enclosed rose
transcribed sentences of germinated time;
with hidden thoughts, future unknown.
Collections of relics that emerge from dormant embryos.
Proprietor of my own portable Cabinet of Curiosities
stemming past and future, transformed as a quilt
adorned with pockets that houses my miniatures.
The seeds I sew spend years in their unwoven jackets,
delivering inner silence so the form can begin to exist.