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You can walk in there with Keyboard

Press W, A, S, D to move.
Move mouse to look around.
Press space bar to jump.

please wait it might take a few minutes to load the game🦦

Full screen to have better experience (after fullscreen click on screen once to wake your avatar up!)

overview of space

I am using the video game engine as a medium itself; designing my own virtual environment which is a presentation of real life. In this game, there is only "a journey" without any aim for achievement. Every day, most people are walking towards their goals.

In my game, I am simulating an infinitive world where memes are used to express emotions, camouflage exposes us to the reality of our lack of control, and looping confronts the player. Hidden portals in a repeating space with no beginning and no end: In the game, portals are placed randomly and they continuously send the player to unexpected places.

We walk towards something which we may never find. We constantly make choices, left and right, but around the corner remains an unknown.

Will we ever be satisfied?