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On a date with myself

For a long time I felt that I needed to find a ‘’practical’’ reason for my work to exist. I felt as if what I feel is not a good enough reason; and it was a beautiful realization when I remembered that I can be free.

It is hard to put it into words but all of a sudden, you have all the pieces of the puzzle and they just fit. Only by searching inwards, I managed to see that I was able to connect with other people.

My recent work shamelessly dives deep into one of the most introspective journeys I have ever partaken. It explores the different sides of ‘affection’ such as self-love, lost love, nurture and care.

3 week journal
(collaboration with Catelijne Boele)

Merging thoughts and feelings through talking, sharing space and time; we created a safe space for ourselves in an environment that is constantly changing and breaking. The work mirrors our discussions, feelings and shared events. Only one rule was set throughout the realization of the work: We have to simultaneously be working on the piece.

Whilst sharing the same space we saw our work growing around one another. Hence, our collaboration progressed into something concrete; exploring the concept of authorship and questioning what it means to think as one.