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Andrea van Gelder

One of the most intriguing human struggles to me is human attachment, which is related to the early years of human life. It is an irreversible phase and has a fundamental impact on human development during the whole journey of life. The capability for humans to attach builds a solid, essential and existential foundation to develop a sense of self. Attachment difficulties disturbs the foundation and results into ambivalence and an ambiguous self.

My work represents a struggle with a “something” object that is clearly visible but not easily identifiable.

I am working with this object for three years now. The object was not made by me, it was on its way to the garbage. I felt a fascination for the shape, color and size. It had value and I felt resistance against destroying it. The object was used as a mold for a kidney and was meant for a hospital.

I was fascinated by this big white object. Crawling into it was an instant association which I did. Being inside the object I experienced a calming effect and the instant bond between the object and me was a fact.

The object became a part of my study and slowly a part of my life. It became a part of my housing habits. A sleeping space where I experience a déjà vu of my own early human development phase. Being inside the object provides me insight and at the same time a moment to cure my own complicated arrival as once announced as a still birth child.

With the work I hope to initiate an internal dialogue inside every viewer to connect and cure past struggles.