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Mom and Dad Kiss and Angry Little Girl

I have decided to revisit some memories.
My mom sent me some pictures of old drawings of mine. We laugh as we see ourselves in them. I laugh with the humor and innocence of the drawings, I smile as I remember making them. I am at a loss for preferring them to my current work. The truth is that I envy these drawings, more so, childhood. At times I get lost in my work and long for thoughtless acting. Realizing that, although, our consciousness is our greatest power; it comes to a disadvantage at times. Distorting truth, intentions, opinions and thoughts - they are analyzed only to be changed. For that I turn back the clock, and for this exhibition I am focusing on two drawings, both of which reflect my childhood home. One is happy and idyllic, the other clearly fuelled by a moment of anger. Both, however, share humor and honesty, traits that I wish to reinhabit and reapply to my current and future work.

The drawings have been projected on canvas and then painted, following the lines of my childhood hand, then to become an exaggeration of themselves; blown up with a bubble-gum color palette, like toys hanging on the wall.

”Angry Little Girl” (2020)

Acrylic paint and acrylic inc on canvas, ply wood frame


”Mom and Dad Kiss” (2020)

Acrylic paint and acrylic inc on canvas, 1.8mm MDF wood frame