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Michel Heen (1982)

A little bit of truth here, a little bit of truth there …

Installation with sound (2020)

Table, chairs, a full ashtray and the intruding voice of two men asking questions transports the viewer into an installation with a cinematographic and theatrical connotation. The installation is situated in a basement on -2 inside a storage cage.
By walking around or sitting on one of the chairs near the table the installation unfolds in a distorted scene with a double take, reflecting upon collective memories and social- and power structures.
Michel Heen worked as a (forensic) investigator for a long time. His art practice is characterized by a sculptural approach combined with a forensic view. Frequently his work takes banal and tragicomical elements. In his work you can regularly find small details that only will be observed by a viewer with a sharp eye, the eye of an investigator.