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I just waited for it to subside before doing anything else

Sometimes I don't know what to do with all this time.
I would try to do the things that I know I am capable of,
but sometimes I notice that too much is happening.
What exactly are we working towards?
I remember you asking me just before we parted.
I realised that maybe it actually matters
where we might end up.
“I just want to stay in this moment forever.”
I remember hearing this line somewhere,
maybe someone said it to me
or maybe I heard it in a film.
Actually, I was probably the one that said it.
I always remember this sentence
whenever I struggle to move on
or when I don't know how
or try
to bring things to an end.

I had a headache the other day.
Actually I have been getting the occasional headache
but why do my headaches last the whole day?
I couldn’t do anything,
which meant I didn’t do anything to remedy it.
I just waited
for it to subside before doing anything else.
I could’ve taken some painkillers
but I didn’t.
Only because I felt I have been taking them too often
and I heard it is bad for your liver.
I tried lying down on my sofa,
but the sunlight was shining too strongly
onto the sofa and into my eyes.
I was too stubborn to move,
so I laid there,
that the sunlight would disappear.
It didn’t.
I went to my bed and tried taking a nap,
but the headache worsened already,
and it kept lingering in my head.
I couldn’t ignore it.
I couldn’t fall asleep.

All good things must come to an end.

And here I am trying to recall
what was good to even begin with?
Even if it was,
how long would it take for us to realise it has gone bad?
The more I think about it,
the more I realised that
I couldn’t just depend
on some sort of fate or luck
to bring me what I wanted.

Stop making these excuses.
Everything we did,
everything that we will do,
all of it contributes.
to every moment of our lives.

I just waited for it to subside before doing anything else Soundtrack