Graphic Team

A big thank you to the creative duo Emma Benozzi and Aliz Soos for all their great design work. So many fingers, so many pies.
You can find them here:


A warm welcome to Rafael Roncato, recently arrived to The Hague and a new addition to the KABK family. Our gratitude for your wonderful photography. You made us look so good.
Get Rafa to shoot you soon:

Curating Team

To Valentino Russo and Arthur Cordier, also known as The Balcony, we thank you for your focus, attention and passion. Your generosity with the Susan Bites location will always be remembered.
Hire them for your next big show:

Website Team

A huge shout out to Andrea Nardi, who worked all hours to get this website built and up and running, fielding endless requests from Menghua Wu, Juwon Lee and Yota Karas. Nothing was ever too much. Get in touch with Andrea:

A special thank you to Marcel van Nispen from the 3D Lab for all his support in bringing another dimension to our website.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all who gave generously to support our project; The KABK, The Gemeente Den Haag and to each and every person that donated to our fundraiser.

Congratulations to the Fine Arts graduating class of 2021 for all the hard work put into making this exhibition such a success. You can find them here: